What is Mexican professionals

“Empowering Mexicans abroad to be successful by making positive impacts in their host countries and Mexico.”

The Mexican Professionals platform offers a network and advocation for Mexican professionals abroad in order to inspire, guide, and encourage others to become agents of positive change in their host countries, as well as in Mexico.

Mexico has the second largest diaspora worldwide, after India, with more than 12 million Mexicans overseas. Although 97% of them live in the U.S., there are countries such as Canada, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom who are home to more than 10,000 Mexicans each, most of them professionally active, which represents a huge potential for the establishment of multilateral ties among Mexicans globally.

Mexican Professionals was born in June 2017 in Germany during the Dual Year Mexico-Germany 2016/2017 after the publication of the book “Mexican Professionals in Germany”. This publication involved 167 Mexicans throughout Germany, working in multiple areas of expertise, including automotive, aerospace, research and academia, arts, entrepreneurship, environment, among others. Today, more than 300 professionals participate in the Mexican Professionals platform, distributed both in the book and in our online community on LinkedIn. On June 15, 2018 we celebrated the first anniversary of the publication of the book “Mexican Professionals in Germany” and, as a result, we published an Annual Report of activities.

One of the missions of our platform is to identify who are the Mexican professionals working outside of their home land, where are they and in which area are they specialised. Additionally, Mexican Professionals offers advice and representation to individuals and institutions, mainly Mexican companies and universities, in support of their internationalisation plans.

For more information, you can contact us by email info@mexicanprofessionals.de or follow us in social media, where you can find information regarding future events and initiatives from Mexican Professionals as well as from the institutions with which we collaborate:

We invite as well, all Mexicans based in Germany who are professionally active, to be part of the LinkedIn community of Mexican professionals in Germany. You can request an access for free through LinkedIn.